Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creeped Out!

The past few days have been a little "off" for me...ranging from disappointing to just downright weird. It started on Friday when I received some unexpected news...nothing tragic, just personally upsetting. Kind of like when you are expecting to land that great job and you learn the company awarded the position to someone else. Kind of like that...but not the same thing.

Unfortunately, I was a bit off my guard around the same time I received this disappointing news that I let spill some personal details about myself to someone who really didnt need to hear anything about my wild and frivolous youth. Someone who happens to be my mentor and co-worker. Classy.

I will spare the details, but suffice it to say I self-medicated that evening and eventually poured said self into a cab around 11PM. Not one to go down without a fight, I at least remembered to engage in my preventative hangover ritual of two Advil and a bottle of water before bed.

Unlike Friday, the rest of the weekend was pretty chill as my bestie was in town from DC. We took in some of the sights around town before heading to a party in Mad Valley. Nothing terribly exciting there, unless you consider a drunken queen grinning at you ear-to-ear whilst chewing a deviled egg, exciting. The next day Bestie left with his family on an Alaskan cruise and I stayed home on the couch as this was the first down day I'd had in a week. I was a lazy slug and I loved it!

Monday dawned and I headed back to work. Exciting stuff, let me tell ya! Still feeling a little embarrased about what transpired the previous Friday with my co-worker, I felt the need to bite the bullet and just address it head-on. After a clumsy apology, I practically ran away from his office convinced (still) that he thinks I'm even nuttier than before! He would be right. Note to self - stop acting like a moron at the office. That's the last place you want to be seen as anything less that 100% *together*!

Cut to today: still a little up and down, preoccupied with thoughts of a less-than-perfect life and feeling utterly sorry for myself. Wah. Tried to focus on the all-day meetings I had to attend but found it difficult to do so and was otherwise distracted. About halfway through the day I realized that I really needed to snap out of it. Whatever was bothering me was not the end of the world and I should just get a grip. But still...there is this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that is leaving me a wee bit unsettled.

After a long day at the offsite, I came home and found the daily note from my dogwalker on the credenza, telling me about her walk earlier in the day with Daisy. Apparently Miss D got freaked out about something as they were walking near the Viaduct; she started whining and pulling Dogwalker toward home. Although not unheard of, D's behavior is still unusual but I just filed it away for future reference. I went upstairs and let her out of the crate to be lavished with hugs and kisses before taking her out for her evening jaunt. <3

After handling her business, Daisy freaked out in the same spot where Dogwalker said she had lost her composure earlier in the day. I tried to both calm her and get her away from the source of her distress (I just assumed there was a noise coming from somewhere that she could hear but wasnt immediately audible to me). When we got up to the corner, I had to pull Daisy back before she lunged into traffic. In my periphery, I saw a woman approach me from the side. She looked like...well, me...if I were schitzophrenic and 50lbs heavier. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with a jacket tied around her waist, she looked at Daisy then at me and said in a flat monotone (and I kid you not):

"They say when I die, I will come back reincarnated as another thing. They are not fooling me!".

Fortunately, the light changed at that moment and I was able to cross the street without delay. Looking back over my shoulder the woman was still standing there on the same corner, arms akimbo, not having moved an inch.

Creepy, right?

And tomorrow's another day...

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