Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am a blog.

People read me. I was created by a single being...a carbon-based, bipedal lifeform with a seemingly endless array of emotional capability and eternal capacity to endure much pain, while still maintaining a bottomless sense of humor. My creator is a person full of morbid curiosity, self-contained imagination and stifled creativity.

And - dare I say - impeccable writing skills. Most of the time.

I am a compilation of feelings and thoughts. A repository for that which occupies my author's mind and bedfuddles her spirit. I am a vehicle by which this person can communicate and say what is flying about the rafters of her brain.

I am a modern day diary. A journal filled with sometimes inane, but occasionally brilliant ideas. I am a virtual vessel that contains the emotive ramblings of an imperfect being. I am rife with opinion and unafraid of expressing myself.

I am what every human strives to be.

Then again, I am what every human already is, but they just dont realize it.

I am an innocent messenger, representing a not-so-innocent human being, all alone in a complicated world.

I. Am. A. Blog.

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